Leadership Council

Helping to define and direct the future of AWAIC

Leadership Council is a strategy & philosophy designated toward a group of volunteers from the general membership, who set aside a portion of their time to support the work of World AWAKE. It brings together thinkers, performance practitioners and leaders in an advisory role order to:

  • Expand development
  • Gain insight into possibilities.
  • Connect and create shared space for conversations.
  • Identify opportunities to benefit the membership.
  • Join together for personal and professional development.

Current Leadership Council Members:

  • Foster opportunities for professional development among Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals through conferences and communications media that encourage and provide information that continually builds their knowledge and skills,
  • Identify professional standards and requirements of knowledge, ethics, and skill competencies for Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals as they evolve in this field,
  • Promote a sense of community among Interfaith Clergy and Spiritual Care Professionals through the creation and/or recognition of regional and specialty subgroups as they develop,
  • Communicate to the media and general public Interfaith philosophy and teachings designed to inspire greater spiritual growth among the peoples of the world,
  • Encourage the creation and existence of bridges of peace and understanding among the world’s religious and spiritual communities,
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discussion of issues among Interfaith Clergy, Spiritual Care Professionals, Interfaith seminary students, and all clergy and private citizens aligned with Interfaith values and principles.

Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas, M. Ed.
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Milestone Rituals and blessings (weddings, funerals, baby blessings, etc.), guest speaker/lecturer on interfaith/interspirituality, pulpit supply
Groups Provided To: All people
Bio: Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas lives in Western Massachusetts. She teaches English to immigrants and refugees, as well as poetry and writing. She has several books of poetry as well as articles and blog posts on various aspects of religion, spirituality and life. Recently, her post-graduate studies have included, World Religions through Their Scriptures, and Religion, Conflict and Peace, both given by Harvard Divinity School. Rev. Neas is also a Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as a certified Wisdom Teacher. She maintains a ministry "without walls" online at: https://www.facebook.com/revlindaneas/.
Affiliations: Christian, Interfaith/Interspiritual
Education: The New Seminary
Memberships: AWAIC
World AWAKE Involvement: Leadership Council 2016
Conference Presenter 2016, 2017
Newsletter Contributing Writer
Board of Directors 2018
Business Location: South Deerfield, Massachusetts 01373, USA
Business Phone: (413) 539-0577
Rev. Philip G. Waldrop, MBA
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Interspiritual / Interfaith Services : Worship, wedding, funeral, baby blessings
Energy Healing / Shamanic Healing (see website)
Chaplain in healthcare setting
Men's spirituality
Services Provided To: Adults, Couples, Families.
Children if parent or guardian present
Groups Provided To: Congregations or other groups
Professional settings
Bio: Spiritually active lifelong, Philip was brought up Catholic, and as a young adult had ecumenical charismatic experiences and community participation; healing capabilities discovered later via energy psychology. Pursued interfaith/interspiritual ordination, men's spirituality groups and retreats; then later hospital chaplaincy training. Philip has three adult children, two grandchildren.
Affiliations: Interspiritual
Christian / Catholic roots
Education: The New Seminary, 2007; Candidate M.A. in Pastoral Care, Fordham University, MBA, MRP, AB University of Michigan; Reiki II, Pranic Healing I; four units of Clinical Pastoral Education at The Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC
Certifications: Fordham LGBT Ally 2017
Fordham Racial Solidarity Network 2017
Memberships: AWAIC
World AWAKE Involvement: Board member 2008-2010
Board Chair 2010-2014
Currently on Leadership Council
Business Location:
25 Plaza Street West, Unit 3J
Brooklyn, New York 11225-3944, USA
Business Phone: (973) 214-6589
Rev. Carol Wetherill, LMT, MTP, CCP
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Spiritual Counseling
Services Provided To: All
Bio: MA in Transpersonal psychology, Interfaith Minister, Licensed Massage Therapist in state of MD, Certificate in Spiritual counseling, Certified Process Acupressure practitioner and Instructor. Following a basic belief that All beings are of Spirit and life is a journey of experiences, growth, integration, healing and moving toward Oneness; services are offered to enhance the possibilities of self awareness, growth, healing, exploration of potential, celebration of life's journey, and connection to Self, other and Oneness; essentially connecting and expressing Spirit in one's own way. Services offered include: Mind-Body-Spirit wellness therapies, Spiritual counseling/mentoring, seminars on wellness, spirituality, and stress release, officiant for weddings and commitment ceremonies, baby blessings, funerals, memorials, and other life milestones, personal ritual, meditation creation, coaching and more.
Affiliations: Interfaith
Education: The New Seminary
MA in Transpersonal psychology
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certifications: Certificate in Spiritual counseling
Certified Process Acupressure practitioner and Instructor
Memberships: AWAIC
World AWAKE Involvement: Leadership Council
Business Location: Columbia, Maryland 21045, USA
Business Phone: (301) 980-6725
Rev. Meghan D. Yates
Clergy Fellow
Services Offered: Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals, Transition Ceremonies, Spiritual Companionship, Sound Healing, Hands on Healing, Earth Medicine, Retreat, Contemplative Art Classes, "Open Your Voice" (authenticating voice through sound healing).
Services Provided To: All Are Welcome
Bio: My practice has developed through years of working with teachers and elders, seeing clients one-on-one, facilitating groups and tending community through developing and teaching Contemplative Art Process and accessing the inner and outer expression of the Voice. I have companioned folks of all ages and from many different walks to create ceremony and practice in the direction of living with more authentic expression, awareness and presence. My work is multi-faceted and harmoniously unified around art, voice/sound healing and community ministry. With a deep love and need for silence, creative discipline, and by navigating the path of spiritual breadcrumbs, it's my call and work to co-create pathways to the inner world and back out again.
Affiliations: AWAIC
Whatcom Art Guild
Education: Maine College of Art in 2005
Memberships: AWAIC
Whatcom Art Guild
Business Location: Bellingham, WA 98225, USA
Business Phone: (207) 615-2062
Cell Phone: (207) 615-2062
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