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Learning and exploring Psalms 23 in Hebrew
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt
Meetings: 12 Tuesday Meetings
Dates: February 5th, 2019 through April 23rd, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Format: Zoom
Audience: World AWAKE members and extended communities
Description: This 12-week course will explore the beloved Psalm 23 from the Hebrew Bible. Each week, participants will learn a line or two from the Psalm in Hebrew and answer questions for reflection from Harold S. Kushner's Book: The Lord is My Shepherd: Healing Wisdom of the Twenty-Third Psalm. In addition, participants will receive Rev. Rutt's book of prayers for each letter in the Hebrew script.
Goals: Participants will learn the Psalm in Hebrew, explore deeply the nuances in meaning brought about by an understanding of the Psalm in Hebrew, and apply the many concepts of this beloved Psalm to daily life.
Fee: $240.00

Empath School
Instructor: Amiee Boswinkle
Meetings: 4 Wednesday Meetings
Dates: March 6th, 2019 through March 27th, 2019
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm CST
Format: Zoom
Audience: People who are highly sensitive to energy and are looking for tools to protect their auric field
Description: Here's the breakdown of the course:

Week 1: Defining Energy with Clarity
Week 2: Tapping Into Your True Guidance Center
Week 3: Creating Containers
Week 4: Navigate Your World from Superflow
Goals: To educate people on how to protect their auric fields.
To provide people with easy, actionable tools to protect their personal energetic field.
Fee: $111.00
Contact: Amiee Boswinkle

3 Week Certificate Course on Shades of Angels
Instructor: Rev. Teal Gray N.D.
Meetings: 3 Monday Meetings
Dates: March 18th, 2019 through April 1st, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm CST
Format: Zoom Webinar
Audience: All
Description: This 3 Week, 6 hour, Certificate upon completion Course on Shades of Angels, will take you into the unseen realms of light and darkness.
My hope is to bring understanding to an area where many only see the lighter side. When in fact, there are two sides to everything. In understanding this balance, you are less likely to fall for a trap, or overlook a helpful intervention.
Just a few of the topics covered: Angelic Realms, Shades of Light, Depths of Darkness, Signs, Miracles, Near Death Encounters, Protections and Meditations, Working with Angels in your spiritual practice or personal life.
Goals: Who would benefit from this Blessinar Course?

This 6 Hour Blessinar Certificate Course in the Shades of Angels is ideal for those wishing to gain a deeper understanding to the many different types, and personalities of Angels of light and darkness. Good Angels are always with us wanting to help, but you are a free will being so you must ask, and allow them to assist you and they will guide you through everyday needs and desires, and even life-changing events.
Upon completion of the course, you can bring new insight to your personal life or into your practices in spiritual work, massage therapy, Reiki, Light Workers and healers of all types.
Shades of Angels looks at Angels throughout history and explores how they touch every area of our lives. Reverend Teal Gray N.D. has studied a variety of religious, and ancient text, with varying belief systems which creates added depth to this exploration of the widespread experience of the angelic realms.

Other: Why this Blessinar Instructor?

Reverend Teal Gray N.D. is a minister, writer, artist, and sacred site traveler. Known for her work with Angels, Teal travels locally and abroad conducting and taking part in Events, Conferences and offering personal life coaching sessions based in part on her bestselling book and lecture series Shades of Angels, and her upcoming book The Wingless Realm.

She began her ministry creating Youth Drama Groups using original materials and performance coaching, after graduating from the American Institute of Holistic Theology with a Doctor of Naturology, N.D. in 1996. Her ministerial training and Theological Studies lead to Ordainment as a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister in 2011, from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, and a Certificate of Ordination OUnI The Order of Universal Interfaith 2011. Teal then became part of the Staff and Associate Minister of the American Interfaith Holistic Temple. Her outreach is enhanced by her degrees of education and as a Member of the following:
American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
The Essential Oil Institute Certified Practitioner/Coach
Board Member - World Awake
Presenter of Two Workshops at World Awake Interfaith Conference 2017
Requested Speaker/Presenter for numerous Conferences and Events
Director of Membership/Board Member-
A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy
Member of the National Campus Ministry Association.

Since creating her global Multimedia Ministry. Teal has touched the lives of many to deeply engage and empower all generations and stages of life and is known for her unconditional love, believing in the equality of all living things. Currently pursuing a Degree in Counseling and Healing with an Eco-Art Therapy Certification,

Teal is especially honored to be a Board Member of World Awake knowing they share her personal passion as a bridge to unite and uplift people around the world of all cultures and beliefs.
Fee: $75.00 (includes classes, eBook and Certificate)

Truly Interfaith - Living the Interfaith Way
Instructor: Rev. Ouida Joi Cooper-Rodriguez
Meetings: 1 Saturday Meeting
Date: March 23rd, 2019
Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Pacific
Format: Zoom
Audience: All
Description: In this webinar, we will explore the four stages of Interfaith Development and ways in which to deepen our understanding of what it means to be truly Interfaith.
Goals: 1) Explore the four stages of Interfaith development
2) Explore ways in which to deepen our understanding of what it means to be truly Interfaith
3) Share with others walking the Interfaith Path
Other: Rev. Ouida Joi has been an Ordained Interfaith Minister for over 18 years and is also a Shamanic Practitioner and HeartSpirit Mindfulness Practitioner. She has studied world religions, New Thought, metaphysics, mysticism, and meditation for over 30 years. She was the Founding Minister of the Alameda Spiritual Living Center and One Light Interfaith Seminary, both in Alameda, CA, and served as the Senior Minister of The Home of Truth Spiritual Center (THOTSC), also in Alameda, CA. She facilitates a monthly Sunday Sacred Circle with meditation, chanting, music, readings from sacred world traditions, sharing, and other contemplative practices. She is honored to walk the Interfaith path and to be of service to others.
Fee: Free

Clinical Pastoral Education/Training
Instructor: Rev Lori H. Whittemore
Meetings: 12 Monday Meetings
Dates: April 1st, 2019 through June 24th, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Format: Zoom/Online Distance Learning
Audience: Chaplain trainees
Description: CPT is training for those who want to develop and deepen their ministerial skills, train in professional pastoral caregiving skills and broaden their skill sets. Ministers looking for professional development and an expanded community of clergy, parishioners who wish to develop skills for a visitation ministry or counselors who want to add spiritual care to their set of competencies are examples of those who would benefit from a unit or units of CPT.
Goals: One unit of CPT will introduce a trainee to the clinical model of training, improve self reflection skills and build professional ministry skills.
Other: Please note that sessions begin in April, September and January.
Fee: $750.00

Liberated Living - Integrating Rapid Change
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Martha Creek
Meetings: 2 Thursday Meetings
Dates: April 4th, 2019 through April 11th, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST
Format: Zoom
Audience: All
Description: This transformational workshop is designed precisely for a time of rapid changes and supports participants to:
  • Develop courageous patterns of relating
  • Learn to focus on strengths & cultivate options for future
  • Boost confidence in responding to life’s challenges
  • Learn to lead with calm connectedness
  • Guide self toward healthy functioning and presence
  • Gain skill/mastery in staying present during difficult times
Tenets of leaders in healthy organizations include:
  • Persons follow an inner compass. They are guided by their own clear, coherent beliefs, principles and life goals.
  • Persons take responsibility for self. They are aware of their own feelings, and neither blame others nor require others to share those feelings. They ask themselves regularly “What can I learn from this situation?”
  • Persons respond to anxiety. They anticipate and recognize heightened anxiety (due to change, loss, & crisis) and accept periods of tension to address issues and complete tasks.
  • Persons are challenged. They allow persons to work through times of stress or pain. They tolerate the discomfort that can go along with the stresses of having a significant mission and individual growth.
  • Persons respect boundaries. They recognize and respect where one person ends and another begins. Agreed upon roles, structures and procedures are respected. Individual thoughts and feelings are respected. There is little pressure to “go along” with the group.
  • Persons stay in contact. They resist tendencies to distance or cut off from those with whom there is disagreement. They work together for a sufficient amount of time to maintain relationships.
Goals: Empowerment, serving those who serve, reaching humanity with tools for a “new” way of being.

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The Original Afterlife Conference
Instructor: Rev. Terri Daniel, MA, CT
Meetings: 4 Daily Meetings
Dates: June 6th, 2019 through June 9th, 2019
Time: All day
Format: Onsite
Audience: Mystics, Medics, Scholars and Spiritualists
Description: Since 2010, The Afterlife Conference has served as an educational, social and spiritual gathering place for those seeking evidence of life after death. While other conferences have followed our lead over the years, we maintain the distinction of being the original Afterlife Conference.

Each year we unite the disciplines in exploring the survival of consciousness after death, working with hospice professionals, physicians, mediums, clergy, counselors and alternative healers to offer a deeper understanding of death and beyond.
  • Guided shamanic journeying
  • Workshops on Men and Grief and Complicated Grief
  • Multi-cultural perspectives on death, dying and the afterlife
  • Sacred ceremonies and rituals for healing
  • Grief sharing sessions throughout the weekend
  • Receptions for networking with presenters and attendees
  • Lunch and dinner banquets on Friday and Saturday
  • Updated academic research on near-death experience, deathbed visions, bereavement and beyond
Other: Enter the promo code AWAKE to receive $75 off your general admission ticket.
Group discounts available.
Daily passes available for separately-priced workshops only.
Please see Registration page for details.
Fee: $465.00 ($390.00 with AWAKE code)

Living Your Divine Purpose
Instructor: Maryann Locaparra
Meetings: 1 Tuesday Meeting
Date: July 23rd, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Central
Format: Onsite Conference
Audience: Spiritual Community and New Thought practitioners
Description: Participants will explore their divine purpose and its impact on the world.
Goals: Explore and understand your divine purpose.
Other: Visit Nashville in July and say hello to Maryann! There will be many other New Thought Leaders speaking at this event including Edwene Gaines (Author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity), filmmaker Jon Miller, Rev. Gaylon McDowell, Rev. Dr. Jay Scott Neale (Author, The Power of Positive Purpose) and a host of other influential New Thought Leaders!
Fee: Included with INTA 104th World Congress Conference


Living the Prayer of Jesus: An Introduction to the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
Instructor: Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt
Meetings: 6 Thursday Meetings
Dates: September 20th, 2018 through October 25th, 2018
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
Format: Zoom
Audience: World AWAKE members and extended communities
Description: This will be a 6-week online course using my book, Living the Prayer of Jesus: A Study of the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic. Each week participants will learn a line of the prayer in Aramaic and will be invited to share thoughts and reflections from the reading. In addition, participants will be encouraged to take the prayer, line by line, into a daily spiritual practice in order to experience the full impact of this well-known prayer in Aramaic.
Goals: Participant will learn the prayer in Aramaic and will understand the expanded meanings emerging from the prayer through the experience of the Aramaic language.
Other: World Awake members click here to register.

Others wishing to register, please visit Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt's website at
Fee: $60 for World AWAKE members, $120 for non-members.

Spiritual Dowsing
Instructor: Rev. Linda Goodman
Meetings: 1 Monday Meeting
Date: February 18th, 2019
Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST
Format: In-person
Audience: Therapists, Energy Healers
Description: In this holiday Monday workshop, we will practice with dowsing rods, pendulums, and sound frequencies to locate obstructed energy and free it up to be used to promote wellness and spiritual growth.
Goals: Gain ability to add dowsing to your healing toolbox.
Other: Pendulum and dowsing L-rods included in tuition.
Fee: $80.00

Co-Human Harmony: Three-Hour Intensive
Instructor: Rev. Gudjon Bergmann
Meetings: 1 Saturday Meeting
Date: February 23rd, 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EST
Format: Zoom Interactive
Audience: Harmonizers, healers and bridge-builders who want to work towards social harmony
Description: This three hour intensive is based on the book Co-Human Harmony: Using Our Shared Humanity to Bridge Divides, which was published on MLK day, 2019. The author, Rev. Bergmann, who is also the founder and lead educator at Harmony Interfaith Initiative, will cover the main elements; identifying divides, connective language, human experiences, dialogue guidelines, inner harmony, and social bridge-building. Learn more about the book and program at
Goals: The main goals are: add tools to the bridge-builders toolbox, identify divides, and create an action plan. The intensive also offers a Q&A with the author.
Other: It is not necessary to read the book, Co-Human Harmony, before the intensive begins, but it helps. You can purchase it from Amazon, either as a paperback or ebook.

Please register via email. You will get an invoice from PayPal after you register. Payment confirms your registration.
Fee: $20.00

Building a Multimedia Ministry
Instructor: Rev. Teal Gray N.D.
Meetings: 1 Wednesday Meeting
Date: February 27th, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm CST
Format: Video Conference Link
Audience: Clergy/Missionaries/All
Description: Ministers wanting to reach a global audience without the use of a brick and mortar building are often at a loss for how to begin this vast outreach. Drawing inspiration from problem solving techniques, and innovative message delivery, we will walk through examples that illustrate how to come up with creative solutions to get your message delivered globally and begin growing your online ministry.
Multimedia ministry involves more than just visualization or applying the latest techniques. Intuition can aid you in developing your skills in public speaking, writing, gaging how to connect with your target audience, and can mean the difference between a successful outreach, and a sometimes-costly failure. We'll dive into some best practices I've extracted from solving real world problems like blending trending topics with my sermons/messages, finding related historical facts or spiritual practices to integrate into my message, and then using social networks to promote my message and build my audience.
We will walk through examples that illustrate how to come up with creative solutions and solve problems to get your message to the world.
  1. Creating Your Multimedia Ministry Model
  2. Blending trending topics with my sermons/messages
  3. Finding Guests and Interviews
  4. Joining/Aligning with established Ministries, groups and charities that fit your message
  5. Turning Errors into Improvements/ Pulling It All Together.
Other: Rev. Teal L. Gray N.D. is a minister, writer, artist, and sacred site traveler
American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Naturology, N.D. 1996
American Institute of Holistic Theology Ordained Interfaith Minister 2011
Certificate of Ordination OUnI The Order of Universal Interfaith 2011
American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 2017
The Essential Oil Institute Certified Practitioner/Coach 2017
Pursuing a Degree in Counseling and Healing, Eco-Art Therapy Certification
Board Member- World Awake 2018
Presenter of Two Workshops at World Awake Interfaith Conference 2017
Requested Speaker/Presenter for numerous Conferences and Events
Director of Membership/Board Member- A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy

Fee: $30.00

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