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A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy is a professional organization that serves as a home for Ordained Interfaith Ministers, and Allied partners. It empowers and supports their ministries throughout the world. We see Interfaith and Interspiritual ministers as positive contributors to the shift in consciousness and awareness globally.

Our members' ministries are in a wide range, from tailored ceremonies, including weddings, renewals, baby blessings, funerals and memorials, and worship services, to sacred activism, such as interfaith cooperative projects, to healing via diverse modalities, such as energy healing (includes Reiki), spiritual counseling, meditation and prayer.

What's New

Of Light and Darkness

By Rev. Linda M. Rhinehart Neas

Long ago, ancient people realized that when the dark days came, the weather was colder, crops couldn’t grow, the light of day was short.  They prayed and offered sacrifices in the belief that this would bring the Light back.

In researching the various celebrations of Light – Diwali - the Solstice - Christmas - Chanukah - Kwanzaa - I began to wonder about the Darkness. Is there anything good about being “in the Dark?”  Does Light always have to shine or can the Dark bring us something positive, too?

In Genesis, we hear that “he separated the Light from the darkness…calling it night.”  From the beginning of time, we had this... more

The Stars

An excerpt from Jacob Watson's Essence: The Emotional Path to Spirit

When my friend and colleague Andrew Harvey invited a group of spiritual teachers and ministers to join him to co-design a new school to train sacred activists, I accepted and signed up for a yearlong series of weekend planning workshops in Chicago. I attended the first two weekends that fall and winter then realized that even though I had enjoyed the meetings, the spark of excitement was missing. 

Andrew had definite ideas for the new school’s curriculum and the... more