Interfaith - Interspiritual - Interconnected

A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy is a professional organization that serves as a home for Ordained Interfaith Ministers, and Allied partners. It empowers and supports their ministries throughout the world. We see Interfaith and Interspiritual ministers as positive contributors to the shift in consciousness and awareness globally.

Our members' ministries are in a wide range, from tailored ceremonies, including weddings, renewals, baby blessings, funerals and memorials, and worship services, to sacred activism, such as interfaith cooperative projects, to healing via diverse modalities, such as energy healing (includes Reiki), spiritual counseling, meditation and prayer.

What's New

Interspiritual-Interfaith Ministers Help to Shift Consciousness

Since the election and now the Women's March, we have received dozens of inquires on what can be done as ministers to help bring forward uplifting ideas? Are you interested in a sharing an online workshop, a book, or even a presentation at the yearly Conference? Email me and let's start by talking on the phone to get you started.

AWAIC is interested in energizing our members and our conference attendees. As a group we empower a movement and evolutionary shift, that helps build on principles of peace, sustainability, health and prosperity and together we create a vast circle of support. For that alone, calls us into our highest potential and helps us to serve the deepest needs of our day. Together, we journey through these times as an extraordinary spiritual... more